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How to order

Information request
Contact our International Sales Office at export@tecnalab.com to get specific information about the products you are interested in. Our professional staff will evaluate your request and suggest you the most suitable diagnostic method that fit your technical need and purchase budget. In order to choose the best fit-for-purpose product you will be able to consult our technical data sheet and validation dossier (Performance Data Sheet), which summarizes the in-house validation and ring-test results data.
Quotation request

Contact us at export@tecnalab.com to receive a price offer for the selected products. Specify the code of the desired assay kit or describe the requested technical specifications. Furthermore, provide the approximate number of analyses you are going to perform. In order to issue an official quotation we will need your company's name, address (street, city and ZIP code), fax and phone numbers, email and web address. If your country is a EU member, please provide your VAT number as well.

Distributors may require their price list for all our products that can be valid for a maximum of 12 months.

How to order
Send your order request to orders@tecnalab.com (cc. export@tecnalab.com), indicating your company name, the product code, the quantity, the quotation number and the delivery address (if different to your invoicing address). Shall you have any particular request, do not forget to include it in your order form. In order to faster the process, let us know if you wish to use your courier account or our DHL account for the shipment.
The orders are elaborated following their arrival rank.
In case it is requested to process an order urgently, the following fees will be applied:
• 50 €, if the order needs to be processed in the same day (order receipt and shipment on the same day);
• 30 €, if the order needs to be processed for the next day (order receipt on one day and shipment scheduled for the consecutive day).
Order confirmation
In a maximum of 5 days from your request, you will receive a confirmation (or Proforma Invoice - PI) from our Orders Department, which summarizes your data (invoicing and delivery address), the ordered products and their prices, the freight cost and any additional charges. The expiry dates of the products and the estimated shipping date are specified in the document as well.


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