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01 February 2017

Zearalenone detection in cereals and cereals by-products is fundamental to assess food and feed safety
The match against zearalenone features two new players: the Celer® ZEA and B ZERO® ZEA ELISA kits Tecna releases a new couple of ELISA kits for fast, accurate and sensitive analysis
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29 May 2017

Every new prototype is validated before being launched on the market, but this is not sufficient. A routine control plan should be implemented to monitor kits’ performances throughout time.
2016 proficiency tests: yet another year of great performances for Tecna kits Tecna establishes which tests to perform at the beginning of every year, selecting a number of new prototypes and old test kits.
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26 April 2017

What about the economic loss due to mycotoxins contamination of forages?
Effects of mycotoxins contamination on forage quality Assessing feed safety is key to ensure food safety
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09 March 2017

Providing easy, reliable and cost-effective analytical tools is fundamental to allow agro-food companies to implement effective screening plans
INTERNAL CONTROL OF THE AGROFOOD CHAIN: ANALYSIS AT LESS THAN 10/€ PER SAMPLE Reducing the number of analysis is not the right way to save money on the screening budget
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10 November 2016

Animal health and producers income at risk due to mycotoxins contamination
Mycotoxins toxicity on swines Swines are severely affected by mycotoxins in their feed
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