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04 January 2018

Food producers can easily avoid product recalls due to allergen cross contamination
EPIstrip lateral flow kits: the easiest tool for an effective allergen-screening plan Strip tests allow to effectively screen allergens along the production chain
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21 December 2017

Mind these dates for your orders
Season greetings! Tecna offices will be closed just a few day between Christmas and New Year's Eve
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11 December 2017

Milk defatting increases the overall analytical time and error probability
Aflatoxin M1 detection in unskimmed milk using Tecna I’screen AFLA M1 kits Analysis time, costs and errors reduction thanks to I’screen ELISA kits for aflatoxin M1
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08 November 2017

Tecna releases a new line of kits for the detection of fluoroquinolones
Fluoroquinolones and food safety: the importance of a broad range ELISA test The new kits are the most sensitive and with the best range of cross-reactivities on the market
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30 August 2017

Rapid, easy and reliable analyses thanks to the new Tecna kits
Celer® OCHRA: the new rapid ELISA kit for ochratoxin screening The new test for the quantitative detection of ochratoxin in cereals is now available
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4th - 6th July, Nelson, New Zealand - ARCHIVE

Tecna at New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology Conference 2017

New Zealand is one of the most active countries in terms of promoting food safety policies and awareness; in this context, excellence areas are milk safety assessment and food allergens mana...
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