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03 July 2017

Tecna scientists just released a new low-cost analytical kit for antibiotics detection in food: B ZERO® Strepto is now available
Drug residues detection in food now more cost-effective than ever with Tecna kits Tecna mission is to provide customers with reliable, sensitive and cost-effective diagnostic tools
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30 August 2017

Rapid, easy and reliable analyses thanks to the new Tecna kits
Celer® OCHRA: the new rapid ELISA kit for ochratoxin screening The new test for the quantitative detection of ochratoxin in cereals is now available
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17 July 2017

Food allergies have a dramatic impact on current society
EPItest: the new ELISA kit line for the quantitative analysis of food allergens High sensitivity and specificity kits for allergens screening are now available
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29 May 2017

Every new prototype is validated before being launched on the market, but this is not sufficient. A routine control plan should be implemented to monitor kits’ performances throughout time.
2016 proficiency tests: yet another year of great performances for Tecna kits Tecna establishes which tests to perform at the beginning of every year, selecting a number of new prototypes and old test kits.
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26 April 2017

What about the economic loss due to mycotoxins contamination of forages?
Effects of mycotoxins contamination on forage quality Assessing feed safety is key to ensure food safety
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4th - 6th July, Nelson, New Zealand - ARCHIVE

Tecna at New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology Conference 2017

New Zealand is one of the most active countries in terms of promoting food safety policies and awareness; in this context, excellence areas are milk safety assessment and food allergens mana...
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