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During aflatoxin M1 analysis, milk centrifugation implicates time and disposables use. Now all of this can be avoided thanks to I'screen AFLA M1 and I'screen AFLA M1 milk!

11 December 2017

Milk defatting increases the overall analytical time and error probability
Aflatoxin M1 detection in unskimmed milk using Tecna I’screen AFLA M1 kits Analysis time, costs and errors reduction thanks to I’screen ELISA kits for aflatoxin M1

Aflatoxin M1 analysis in milk is one of the most widely diffused analysis performed within the dairy sector in Europe, in particular within the Mediterranean area. Therefore, Tecna has always devoted its efforts towards the exploitation of it kits for this specific mycotoxins. The aim is to provide extremely sensitive, accurate, precise and easy to use analytical solutions.

Thanks to Tecna customer care department work on the field and to the R&D scientists efforts in the lab, the results of more than 150 milk samples, with an aflatoxin M1 content between 5 ppt and 100 ppt,  were compared. Each milk sample was analysed either with and without prior skimming. The observed results were brilliant (correlation coefficient (R2) > 0,95), therefore Tecna is proud to communicate that with the I’screen AFLA M1 e I’screen AFLA M1 milk ELISA kits it’s possible to analyse the unskimmed bovine milk. This means that it’s no longer necessary to centrifuge the samples in order to defat them, thus allowing for a significant time and consumables save as well as for a reduction of error probability due to samples handling.

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