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Ochratoxin is among the most widely diffused mycotoxins worldwide. This carcinogenic substance is particulary toxic for avian species.

30 August 2017

Rapid, easy and reliable analyses thanks to the new Tecna kits
Celer® OCHRA: the new rapid ELISA kit for ochratoxin screening The new test for the quantitative detection of ochratoxin in cereals is now available

Ochratoxin A – generically referred as ochratoxin – is the most representative member of the ochratoxins group. It’s the metabolic by-product of various fungi, either from the Aspergillus and the Penicillium genera, and it is the only legislated toxin of the group. Among the most widely spread mycotoxins in cereals samples across the world, ochratoxin is toxic mainly for income animals, especially for avian species and partially for swines. Ochratoxin is present at low concentrations and is characterized by prolonged clearance time – the time the organism needs to excrete the toxin -. The carcinogenicity and prolonged clearance made ochratoxin regulatory limit, and therefore the required kit sensitivity quite low, down to few ppb.

Tecna turned such requirements, as well as ease-of-use and result reliability, into the main traits of the new Celer® OCHRA kit. Thanks to this kit it is possible to detect ochratoxin A in cereals down to 2 ppb in 20 minutes only! The kit is perfecty integrated with the other tests from the Celer® line for mycotoxins screening, sharing the same sample preparation. As the other kits from the same product line, Celer® OCHRA can fit, thanks to the breakable wells, to various analytical contexts, which may require a higher or lower throughput.

For further information on the new ochratoxin kits and to get a quotation do not hesitate to contact our back-office at export@tecnalab.com.