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Want to chek food allergens presence with ease? Tecna EPIstrips allow for the rapid and effective implementation of an allergen screening plan!

04 January 2018

Food producers can easily avoid product recalls due to allergen cross contamination
EPIstrip lateral flow kits: the easiest tool for an effective allergen-screening plan Strip tests allow to effectively screen allergens along the production chain

Food products recalls are becoming more and more frequent events and they are mainly due to the presence of  undeclared allergens.This occurrence can be due to contamination of raw materials or to cross-contamination in the production process.  Such cases have no effects on the majority of the population but create a risk for people that are susceptible to allergens. Furthermore, the wrong label itself is of course a legal issue for the manufacturers.

The only way to prevent the occurrence of non-compliancy cases is to implement both a strict control of the raw materials and a proper management of the production in plants where ingredients of a  specific product must not contaminate the others.

are the perfect tools for the control of raw materials, validation of cleaning procedures and monitoring the production facilities in order to avoid any contamination . Easy to use lateral flow tests, in 15 minutes they allow to detect few ppm(s) of allergen protein in raw and cooked products. Tecna offers a portfolio of lateral flow tests for the main allergens, sharing almost the same sample preparation and assay time, thus enabling for the parallel screening of various allergens:

-       EPIstrip Casein AL060
-       EPIstrip Egg AL062
-       EPIstrip Fish AL067
-       EPIstrip Gluten AL069
-       EPIstrip Peanut AL066
-       EPIstrip Shellfish AL063
-       EPIstrip Soy AL061
-       EPIstrip Almond AL065

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