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Fluoroquinolones is a wide group of substances. In many cases, in order to avoid inspections, a cocktail of these substances at low concentrations is administered. For this reason it is utterly important to have a high sensitivity and broad range kit as I'screen and B ZERO® QUINO.

08 November 2017

Tecna releases a new line of kits for the detection of fluoroquinolones
Fluoroquinolones and food safety: the importance of a broad range ELISA test The new kits are the most sensitive and with the best range of cross-reactivities on the market

AMR – Anti Microbial Resistance, is one of the main themes of the international scientific and health debate, and is the result of years, if not decades, of drugs and antibiotics misuse, particularly in the zoo-technics. The threat behind the massive and uncontrolled use of such substances is double: on one side drug-resistant bacteria do proliferate, on the other, the presence of drug residues in food, even if at extremely low concentrations, is, obviously, toxic.

(also known as quinolones) are syntethic drugs introduced in the medical and veterinary practice in the late 50s, and are among the most controlled drugs. There are many different substances belonging to this group, therefore, regulatory bodies, the EU in particular, took greatly into account the broadness of this group and, with Regulation EU N. 37/2010, established specific law limits.

Tecna scientists have, therefore, worked to develop an extremely sensitive kit, capable of detecting with high specificity most of the molecules of the fluoroquinolones group.

With I’screen QUINO it’s possible to semi-quantitatively detect the presence of oxolinic acid, norfloxacin, danofloxacin, enrofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, flumequine, difloxacin, sarafloxacin and marbofloxacin in fish, shrimp, muscle and honey, within the 0,04 ng/ml – 0,80 ng/ml range. The limit of detection (LOD), at just 0,6 ppb of enrofloxacin equivalents make this product line the most sensitive one on the market.

Furthermore, B ZERO® QUINO joins Tecna ELISA kit line for the analysis of fluoriquinolones as well! Thanks to the high robustness of all the kits components, it’s possible to calibrate the kit through the master curve; as a consequence, it will be necessary to run just the “zero” standard in order to run the kit, saving many wells at each analysis, with a lot of advantages in particular for who analyses few samples per session. Noteworthy, B ZERO® QUINO guarantees the same exact performances in terms of sensitivity and has the same broad-range panel of cross-reactivites of the I’screen QUINO kit.

For further information on the kit’s performances and for quotation requests please do not hesitate to contact our offices at servizioclienti@tecnalab.com