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No matter if you have high or low throughput needs for mycotoxins rapid screening, now with the novel formats of Tecna Smart Strip kits cost effectiveness will no longer be an issue.

10 April 2018

Fit-for-throughput formats now available for Tecna Smart Strips
New Smart Strip kit formats Get the most from your mycotoxins screening plan with the novel Smart Strip formats

In order to implement an appropriate risk management strategy, availability of robust, easy to use and cost effective diagnostic test kits is crucial. With the clear intent to make the analytical cost competitive either when analysing more samples or when making spot analysis, depending on time-to-time need, Tecna just introduced a novel 50 determination format of its Smart Strip lateral flow tests for mycotoxins.

All users, from the food and feed industry, can now order the Smart Strip kits in the following formats:

20 det.
50 det.
Smart Strip AFLA
MA810 MA850
Smart Strip AFLA B1 MA820 MA870
Smart Strip DON MD800 MD850
Smart Strip FUMO MF800 MF850
Smart Strip ZON MZ800 MZ850

For further information on kit availability don't hesitate to contact us at export@tecnalab.com