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01 February 2017

Zearalenone detection in cereals and cereals by-products is fundamental to assess food and feed safety
The match against zearalenone features two new players: the Celer® ZEA and B ZERO® ZEA ELISA kits Tecna releases a new couple of ELISA kits for fast, accurate and sensitive analysis

Tecna is proud to announce the release of a new couple of ELISA kits for the detection of zearalenone in cereals and feed. Celer® ZEA and B ZERO® ZEA will replace the Celer® ZON v3 and B ZERO® ZON kits, providing higher sensitivity. The new kits, validated for the screening of maize, wheat and swine feed, allowed to set the Limit of Quantification (LOQ) respectively at a 10, 25 and 50 ppb. The average trueness observed when analyzing 50 and 100 ppb spiked samples, expressed in terms of recovery, is 80±7% on maize, 90±9% on wheat and 103±20% on complete and complementary feedstuffs. Repeteability and reproducibility performances were optimal for all the three matrices.

The Celer® ZEA kit is perfectly integrated with all the other kits of the Celer® line, featuring, for all the matrices, a zearalenone extraction procedure from the sample by means of a 70% methanolic solution and NaCl: in other words, this means that once the sample extract is obtained, it is possible to analyze it with all the Celer® kits in order to get a complete characterization of the sample.

The B ZERO® ZEA kit provides exactly the same performances as the Celer® one, and is the ideal solution for those who have to analyze few samples per analytical session. Since the B ZERO® format does not require the implementation of a calibration curve at every analysis, this format provides high saving in terms of time and reagents. Dose calculation is obtained, as for the other B ZERO® ELISA kits, through a “master-curve”, a virtual calibration curve that Tecna determines when each batch is released.

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