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Advanced ELISA training


Advanced ELISA training


The aim of this course is to focus onto evaluation and validation of immunodiagnostic kits.

Loc. Padriciano 99
34149 Trieste (TS) - I
at Area Science Park, R3 building

It is possible to organize the course in other bases. For information contact export@tecnalab.com

Course structure
The training is addressed to technicians that have already attended the base course and operators of laboratories focused on chemical contamination in food and feed. The course is theoretical and deals with the main aspects of the evaluation, validation and performance monitoring of immunodiagnostic test kits. Regulatory aspects could be discussed as well. Lecture notes will be given at the end of the lesson.

Dr. Maurizio Paleologo, Chief Executive Officer, is a biologist dealing with the development of immunoassays since 1986. He is author of many scientific papers on international journals about the development of enzymatic immunoassay in food and agricultural diagnostics.

Course length
1 or 2 days

Number of participants
No restrictions

Attendance certificate
Tecna provides an attendance certificate to the participants.

Special discount up to 350 € for Tecna's costumers.

Last update
December 2012